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Our GateCycle model upgrade service is designed to help customers migrate their existing models from any older version of GateCycle to the current version quickly and efficiently without any unpleasant surprises. In performing a model upgrade for you Wyatt Enterprises will:

  1. Run your model in the older version of GateCycle.
  2. Upgrade and run your model (and all of its design point reference models) in the latest version of GateCycle.
  3. Compare the results calculated by both versions highlighting and explaining any observed differences.
  4. Perturb your model by adjusting a key input parameter like ambient temperature or boiler heat load and run it in the old and new versions to benchmark your model’s run time and verify its stability in the new version.
  5. Prepare a written report. The report summarizes any differences in runtime and results between versions and notes which known issues, if any, are applicable to the upgraded model. In addition if your model uncovers any bugs in the new version, the report will contain bug report text and sample models for you to send to GE.

    Please click here to see a sample report on the upgrade (v. 5.41 to v. 5.51) of a fossil plant model.

    Please click here to see a sample report on the upgrade (v. 5.51 to v. 5.52) of a combined cycle plant model.

The model upgrade service offers the following benefits:

  • Certainty that the new version will not cause problems with existing models before you upgrade to it.
  • An expert, independent and confidential review of sensitive models that you might not want to send to GE.
  • Written feedback for GE highlighting any issues that arise in the new version to help expedite the development and release of any required fixes.

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