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Wyatt Enterprises, LLC  has used GateCycle™ to model a variety of fossil, combined cycle, nuclear and advanced technology power and process plants. These models have been used by clients in all phases of a plant's life cycle from proposal to operation to retrofit and repair.  Wyatt Enterprises has extensive experience in matching and reconciling GateCycle models with actual plant operating data. The following is a partial list of projects Wyatt Enterprises has completed:

  • As built models of the combined cycle power block and compressor trains of an air separation plant capable of delivering 1200 MMSCF/day of nitrogen for enhanced oil recovery
  • Proposal model of a two on one 18 MWe Landfill gas fired Solar Taurus 60 based combined cycle plant
  • As built model of a 260 MWe petcoke fired circulating fluidized bed boiler plant
  • Economic benefits model of the Everest Sciences inlet cooling technology applied to a GE LM2500
  • Proposal model for a two unit Alstom GT-24 combined cycle plant
  • Proposal models of a variety of GE Steam and Gas (STAG) combined cycle plants based on the 7FA, 7FB, 7EA, 6B, LM2500, LM500, and LM6000 gas turbines
  • As built model of a 720 MWe three on one combined cycle retrofit and repowering of a 1970s vintage nuclear power plant
  • As built and operating model of a 230 MWe two on two Siemens V84.2 based combined cycle plant
  • As built model of a 260 MWe Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) retrofit and repowering of a 1950s vintage pulverized coal-fired plant

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